Ten Best Bumper Plates Recommended by Professional Gymnasts.

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Review of The Ten Best Bumper Plates Recommended by Professional Gymnasts.

This race brings another challenge for humans: outrun one another in the fitness category. As the world progresses towards advancement, so is the value of health and fitness for the human mind. People nowadays have been intrigued with gyms and fitness clubs and have done a new sport out of them. Regular exercise help make your perfect body fitness. The best bumper plates its newfound pet hobby calls for innovative gym equipment and creative gears to satisfy man’s need for change. We bring to you one such piece of equipment called bumper plates.

This little gear might seem useless to many. Those familiar with weightlifting and having the know-how of the gym would know the actual purpose. Still, it is a savior for dead lifters and bodybuilders as it protects the barbell and saves the floor and the user from the harsh impact of the weights in case of accidental or purposeful throws of weights.
Following is a list of the best bumper plates for the mitigation of buyers.

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1- Olympic Bumper Plates by D1F:

Day 1 Fitness brings intensely well-thought and significant gym gear for at-home weight lifters and beginners. The material minimizes the crackling noises that might break the stoner’s momentum. It avoids accidents by lowering down the impacts that the barbells and weights might have. They are best to be used with 2″ bars. Enlisted below are some of the critical features of this product:

  • Material:

The plate is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel with a bounce-resistant rubber cover. Each plate has a steel center bound to the rubber cover, preventing the collar from moving around and fixing it well.

  • Steadiness:

Even though weightlifting is anything but comfortable, the rubbered plates are explicitly designed to provide maximum comfort to the hands. They also won’t cause distracting sounds when dropped.

  • Weights and sizes:

These Olympic plates are available in pairs as well as singles. Individual plates are available in the following weights, 10,15,25,35 and 45 pounds, while paired sets are available in 10,15,25, or 35 pounds. This vast range makes these plates highly recommended. 

  • Durability:

The customer is guaranteed to be satisfied because this product matches professional standards in all respects.

  • Odour-less:

The characteristic petroleum or rubber smell is nowhere to be seen, an add-on. Nobody wants to smell pungent irritating odors while working out!


  • Durable
  • the heavy-duty stainless steel used
  • Available in a range of weights
  • Rubber covers provide protection
  • Low bounce


  • It does not come with bars
  • Give off a rubbery smell at first

2- HULKFIT Best Bumper Plates:

These Olympic bumper plates support a 2″ rod. And the variety in sizes and weights overcomes all other near-to-none setbacks.
Following are some of the key features of this product:

  • Material:

These bumper plates are constructed using highly dense rubber granules and high-grade stainless steel. The steel inserts can withstand numerous drops and harsh impacts. 

  • Colour- coding:

Each bumper plate is color-coded uniquely with specifically mentioned weight in both pounds and kilograms to avoid any nuisance. The yellow one symbolizes 10 pounds, the green is 25 pounds, the blue for 35 pounds, and the red for 45 pounds. 

  • Highly protective:

The rubber banding protects the floors and the user’s bars and the user himself in case of accidental slips. 

They are designed in understanding because the dropping does not damage the lifting platforms.

  • Custom use:

These bumpers can be used for weightlifting, crossfire, and strength training in either in-house setups or professional forums.

The pros and cons are as below:


  • Range of sizes available
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • High-quality material used
  • Suitable for standard 2″ bar diameters


  • The 10-pound bumper is not to be used as a single as it is quite bendy

3- Steel Body Olympic Plates:

These weight plates have an elegant outlook and an even remarkable interior that is bound to perform. They also have a 2-inch center sleeve made of stainless steel, allowing the bar to glide easily.
Following are some highlighted features:

  • Material:

These plates also utilize solid rubber and stainless steel to form a dense yet intricate structure.

  • Resistant to corrosion:

The compact structure minimizes any chances of disintegration, so these players are perfect for long-term usage.

  • Homesetups:

It is just as useful for gym freaks as they serve to be for beginners starting up in homes. This allows trainers to attain well-sculpted physiques without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  • Weights:

These bumpers come in 10,25,35, and 45-pound options, covering nearly all size quarters. 

  • Floor defense:

Like the rest of the bumpers, the steel body bumper also aims at avoiding hazards to a maximum capacity. This is done by minimizing noise and excess vibration caused by abrupt falls. The rubber covering is not only unwanted noise but also serves to absorb the shock of the impact and save the flooring and the platforms. 

  • Injury immune:

Not just saving the equipment or floor, these bumper plates prevent fractures by providing the proper stability to the trainer and avoiding twisting the upper body at weird angles by minor slips-ups.

Following are the pros and cons to help the customer get rid of any confusion:


  • It aims for Safety and protection
  • No compromise on material quality
  • Range of sizes available
  • Weights are labeled on bumpers
  • Best for work-out setups at home
  • Commission-free


  • The 10-pound plates seem not to sustain their weight well.

4- BalanceFrom Best Bumper Plates:

This product is another standard Olympic bumper that is available in pairs and singles for flawless body training.
Following are some of the characteristic features of these bumpers:

  • Sizes:

Unlike the rest of the products, BalanceFrom provides the buyers with an even wider range of sizes. Starting from 10 point pairs, the paired sets go up to 55 pounds. This incredibly large range is especially remarkable for professional grounds where Olympic-level weight trainers try their luck. In addition, the package has been set with varying weights combined. They include 160 lbs, 210 lbs, 260 lbs, and 370 lbs sets. 

  • Color-codes to perfection:

These plates are also color-coded to keep them aesthetically pleasing and remove all chances of confusion when wanting to know about the weights.

  • White 10 lbs
  • Orange 15 lbs
  • Yellow 25 lbs
  • Green 35 lbs
  • Blue 45 lbs
  • Red 55 lbs


  • Construction:

The interior is composed of solid stainless steel central inserts and a high-density rubber cover. The inner ring is 2″ diameter, perfect to fit the standard Olympic bar. 

Following are the pros and cons:


  • Color-coded
  • Well-labeled
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Available in set forms 
  • Shock absorbing capability


  • Only available in singles
  • 10 lbs bumper is bendy

5- Rage fitness bumper plates:

These plates are Olympic fit and have a total diameter of 17.5″. These are designed for gym athletics doing strength training, bench press, squats, and powerlifting.
Following are some of their characteristic features:

  • Collar diameter:

The central steel collar is of standard measurement that is 2 inches. This fits in all standard bars, racks, and sleds. 

  • Weights available:

Five options are available in terms of weight range; 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 25 pubs, 35 lbs, and 45 lbs.

  • Material and composition:

Unlike the rest of the bumpers, these plates are best for environmentalist trainers who want eco-friendly options since these plates utilize recycled rubber. The inserts are made of dense steel. This does not mean that the quality is compromised in any way.

  • Easy-grip:

These plates are fairly easy to be gripped by hands and fairly smooth for the floors, thus providing utmost protection to the platforms in case of harsh drops. 

  • Well-labeled:

These bumper plates might not be color-coded, but they have all the minute labeling one would ever need to know. This feature reduces any possible chance of chaos.

Enlisted below are all possible pros and cons.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Utilizes recycles rubber
  • Five weight options
  • Multipurpose
  • Shock absorber
  • Tough and durable


  • Not sold in pairs
  • Not color-coded

6- Signature Fitness Another Best Bumper Plates:

Signature Fitness aims to provide quality products within the best price ranges. 

Following are some of the characteristic features of bumper plates by signature fitness.

  • Material:

No recycled rubber is used in the making, making the material 100 percent virgin rubber with stainless steel inserts.

  • Odour-free:

Rubber is high quality, and no recycled products are included because of which these plates are extremely low in odor. 

  • Low Bounce:

The low dead bounce assists in protecting the barbells and the flooring while also providing the right amount of stability and support to the joints of the trainer. This lowers down the risk of fractures in case of drops or accidents.

  • Color-coded:

These plates are also relatively convenient because they are color-coded, so one won’t have to waste time trying to find the right plate.

  • Black: 15 lbs
  • Green: 25 lbs
  • Yellow: 35 lbs
  • Blue: 45 lbs
  • Red: 55 lbs

In addition, the labeling has cared into the plates, which makes the letters raised.

  • Available in:

These bumper plates can be bought in singles and pairs for extra amenities for the buyer. 

10 and 15 lbs: pairs

25,35,45,55 lbs: singles

This enormous weight range covers all quarters, and one won’t ever have to look for anything beyond this spectrum of weights.

Following are the pros and cons to help clarify some important points to the buyer:


  • Color-coded
  • Raised lettering
  • Wide weight range
  • Singles and pairs are both available
  • Virgin rubber is used in making
  • Odorless 
  • Low bounce


  • Smell bad at first

7- BalanceFrom Cast Iron plates:

Uniquely manufactured weight plates from BalanceForm utilize solid cast iron in place of stainless steel for the inserts and the central ring.
Let’s have a look at more riveting features of these bumpers:

  • Outlook and material:

The material is solid cast iron with a 2″ central rod fitting hole that fits all Olympic bars and barbells. The plates also have a jet black enamel finish to make them aesthetically pleasing as well as give a professional outlook to the equipment. 

  • Corrosion-resistant:

The enamel prevents the plates from rusting and corroding, making them long-lasting and durable for long-term usage.

  • Odor-free:

The enamel also gets rid of that pungent rubbery smell usually associated with rubber-coated weight plates.

  • Easy-recognition:

The plates are well labeled in both pounds and kilograms so that the trainer has no difficulty understanding which plate to pick. 

  • Availability:

Available in both singles and pairs and a wide range of weights, from 2.5 lbs to 45 lbs. These plates are extraordinary because they have extremely low weight options available, which we haven’t had in any of the products above.

  • Multipurpose:

These players can be used under an umbrella of activities revolving around strengthening exercises, weightlifting, core building, and upper bodybuilding. They can also function to increase flexibility and balance.

Following are their pros and cons listed one after another;


  • Available in unusually low weight options as well
  • Cast iron with baked enamel
  • Non-corrosive
  • Long-lasting
  • Well-labeled
  • Available in pairs as well as singles


  • The low weight played can’t be taken as singles

8- Lifeline Rubber Best Bumper plates:

These plates are standardized to meet the universal weight and diameter criteria set by IWF accurately.
Following are some of the key features of this product to ease the customers out of their turmoil.

  • Commercial grade material:

Recycled rubber casing with a stainless steel collar and inserts contribute well to taking the quality of these plates up a notch and making them reliable for use on big forums. The central collar is 5 cm. 

  • Easy to grip:

All thanks to the recycled rubber casing that makes these players stay put in their hands and provide the easiest grip without unnecessary friction or slipping away. 


  • No drops and dings:

The casing is again responsible for minimizing mayhem caused by crackling sounds of equipment falling to the floor. In addition, the material used is high quality so that the harsh impacts do not damage the exterior. This property contributes to the plates’ durability, therefore making them long-lasting.

  • Dimensions:

Bumper plates by Lifeline are available on various sites and thicknesses. The size starts from 10 lbs and goes up to 45 lbs. While the thicknesses vary from 24 mm to 83 mm in the following way:

  • 10 lb-24 mm
  • 15 lb-30 mm
  • 25 lb-47 mm
  • 35 lb- 65 mm
  • 45 lb- 83 mm


  • Durable
  • Rubber encased
  • Multiple weight options
  • Noise-reduction
  • Shock absorption
  • Sold in sets of multiple weights


  • Not sold on pairs

9- Fitness First Competition Crumb Plates:

Just as exhilarating are the features of these bumper plates, as is their name. This distinction is because these plates don’t utilize steel which makes some remarkable aspects come through, which are as follows:

  • Material:

These bumper plates are extravagantly manufactured by metallic fiber, not stainless steel. The fiber is recycled but at the same time does not cut down the quality. 

  • Less impact:

Compared to steel’s impact, these plates are less harsh because of the material used. At the same time, they are just as tough and durable as the steel ones. 

  • Eco-friendly option:

These plates are a perfect choice for environmentally cautious people since the material used is recycled. 

  • Multiple weights:

The weight options are remarkable as ever. These bumpers come in sizes of 10 pounds to 45 pounds. 

  • 2″ collar:

The central collar has a 2-inch diameter perfect to fit standard Olympic rods and barbells of most diameters. 

Following are some of the pros and cons for better judgment.


  • Material is metallic fiber
  • Recycled fiber
  • Eco-friendly
  • Range of weights available
  • Durable
  • Tough and inflexible
  • Less impact in case of drops


  • Plates sold individually

10- AMGYM KG Bumper Plates:

A perfect bumper set can help when performing lifts, squats, and deadlifts. These plates are also perfect to be used at home and allow you to safely miss lifts when beginning to learn unusual techniques or attempting overhead lifts for the first time.
Listed below are some of the exceptional features of these plates:

  • Material:

The material used in the coverings is natural rubber which is high density. The 2-inch stainless steel collar is perfectly inserted and bonded to the rubber preventing the collar from slipping around. This ideal mix of raw materials makes these bumper plates remarkable in their job.

  • Guaranteed durability:

The low bounce, less impact quality make the plates extraordinary in long-term usage.

They are inevitable in maintaining their shape between uses due to the high-end manufacturing techniques. The durometer rating is 90, which is sufficiently high. 

  • Dead bounce:

The virgin rubber tones down the impact and recoil, making it easier for the trainer to pick up the weights as soon as they are dropped. In other words, one won’t have to wait for the bumpers to stop bouncing up and down. 

  • Low noise:

Low recoil and less bounce also diminish a lot of unwanted crackling that metal produces. 

  • Perfectly indented:

The plates are labeled perfection, and the weights are mentioned in bold silver lettering, which is hard not to notice. Easy recognition is therefore made possible. 

  • Weight range: The weights available are:
  • 5kg-1″ thickness
  • 10 kg- 1.8″ thickness
  • 15kg- 2.4″ thickness
  • 20kg- 2.9″ thickness

  • 25kg- 3.3″ thickness.

Another remarkable feature about the bumper plates from AMGYM KG is that they also come in sets in addition to the various weights. For example the 100 kg package includes 2x15kg plates, 2x20kg plates, 2×25 kg plates.
The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Durable
  • Low bounce
  • Noise reduction
  • Virgin rubber is used in making
  • Available in sets
  • Easy recognition


  • Not labeled in pounds

How to Choose Your Best Bumper Plate: Buying Guide

We provide the readers and buyers with a buying guide to facilitate their decision when buying what they need. This guide has covered all the parameters that one needs to focus on while deciding upon the best bumper plates for their gym.

  • Weights:

All the products aforementioned come in a variety of sizes and weights. One needs to be hyper-aware of the necessities. Household setups don’t usually require multiple sets, nor do they require super heavy bumper plates. So choosing from a low weight range is recommended. On the other hand, high-end Olympic or fitness centers require all sorts of weights and would probably include all quarters of sizes too. 

In addition, carefully determining the sets and packages is also a requisite.

  • Material:

Make sure that the player is rubber encased. This makes the plates less resonant and saves the floor from harsh impacts. In addition, smooth plates make gripping and using easy. 

  • Diameter:

Though most plates have a standard 2″ central collar diameter, it is still essential to make sure that the barbells and rods you use are also the diameters of the barbells and rods you use. 


We all know how the human world has started revolving around this newfound passion for health and fitness, and this is why in this article, we have covered nearly all aspects of the best bumper plates to buy and what features to look for. We have relieved buyers of their confusion to the best of our abilities, and we hope that this proves to be a great help for beginners. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.